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Signup contact to multiple lists with 1 form


Signup contact to multiple lists with 1 form



I would like to create a signup form that allows users to choose which lists to signup for  I have 3 different lists; General, Sales, ISP.


When someone fills out the form, everyone shoul be signed up for the "general" list.  I would then like them to choose to sign up for "Sales" or "ISP" or both.  


I am new to ConstantContact and am using the WordPress plugin.  


Is this possible?  


Hi @FredB538,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


As you have already found out the WordPress plugin is designed for just a single list per form. You can use our Inline or Pop-Up Sign-Up forms available in your account. These options will not automatically add a contact to one list then let them select others; instead it will show check boxes for all the lists you select and allow the contact to select one or more of the lists to join.


The other option you have is to use our API and design your own custom sign-up form where you could do this. That would entail being able to write your own code. If you want to go this route please check out our documentation located here: https://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/developer-guides/overview-of-api-endpoints.html 

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
Health Practitioners & Centers

Hey Jimmy,


I would like to have a newsletter subscription form with a checkbox that ask which list customers would like to be on. 
I believe this is the same question as below? but I didn't get the answer. Could you please advise me? thanks a lot,

Health Practitioners & Centers

Just to add to my question, 

we are using gravity forms.

thanks a lot.



I know of a 3rd party plugin for Gravity Forms that can connect to constant contact. See https://wordpress.org/plugins/gravity-forms-constant-contact/

Please note that both of these are 3rd party products and not built or supported by Constant Contact directly, so I'm limited in the support I can provide with using them.


You can also create a landing page signup form within Constant Contact that will let subscribers check off which list(s) they want to sign up for. See this link for details: 



David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer

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