Signup form + password change


Signup form + password change

Hello, I've set up a sign up form based on the PHP sample form you provide here.  It works fine, but the fact that the password is hardcoded in the cc_class file makes that if the password is changed then the form would stop working.  Since I'm not the owner of the CC account, I can't have my client asks me to change the password everytime he wants to do so. Is there a way around this ? Some other authenticating process ? Use of developer credentials or a restricted user  within the same account ?

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately at the moment there is not a way to do what you are asking. For the security of your account, our API does currently require Username, Password, and API key for authentication.

Andrew T

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We are also looking at additional Authentication models that can help with this type of use case.  The one we're looking at most closely is the OAuth authentication model.  If you are signed up for our developer newsletter, you will be kept up on our development progress on a regular basis.  Once we release an additional authentication model that doesn't involve UN/PW, you would be able to set up your clients script to instead use an authorization token system that is password independant. 

Dave Berard
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Any updates on OAuth authentication model, i mean is OAuth authentication model supported in constant contact.


We do current currently support OAuth as well as Basic authentication. You can find more information on both models here.

David J

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 Hello ,

Thanks for your quick response,

i am getting the error as below.

HTTP Status 401 - Invalid signature for signature method HMAC-SHA1

not sure where to identify, and my url is as follwos.



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