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Simple Share - using Event Promotion Facebook Problem

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Simple Share - using Event Promotion Facebook Problem


I am having an issue with my event promotion specifically the landing page and what it posts on facebook when I use the simple share process. The  "Event Body" content section  is displaying the wrong content on our facebook page. I had to make an update to the original event body content when I noticed somthing I wrote was inaccurate. The problem is even though I made the correction to the event body content when I use simple share the post on my facebook page no matter how many times I delete and set it up again it continues shows the old content on the facebook post  which is incorrect.  when I click on the post is shows the correct cotent but publically on facebook the initial post shows the old wording. How can I fix this without starting over since I have already sent the link to this Event?


Hi Russell, the best place to post this type of problem statement is in the Standalone Products > EventSpot community pages. I am not able to move your post for you at this time, my apologies for this inconvenience. 



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