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SiteVisitor API finally gone?


SiteVisitor API finally gone?

 One of the sites I maintain is using the SiteVisitor API URIs http://ui.constantcontact.com/roving/wdk/API_AddSiteVisitor.jsp and http://ui.constantcontact.com/roving/wdk/API_UnsubscribeSiteVisitor.jsp .  Both of these URIs now 404.  I can find several forum posts going back for months referencing the deprecation of the SiteVisitor API but no official announcement.

Is this a technical problem or has the service been discontinued?




Hi Josh,


We did find that some customers who are using certain older versions of the SiteVisitor API are now receiving a 404 page not found when trying to use them.  We have over the years updated the URL in our documentation and in our systems, but up until this past week we have always maintained a backwards compatibility with redirects.  We did some security work this weekend that caused these redirects to no longer work.


You will want to use this URL to get this to work going forward.  Again though, this is a depricated API and this API will be fully retired at a future date.  We recommend anyone using this API start the process of updating sooner to make the change over easier.



Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact


I am picking up where another developer left off. My client has a PHP script that posts to the deprecated API url you mention above. I need to make some enhancements and will take your advice by going ahead and updating so that I am no longer using the deprecated API url.

I am brand new to Constant Contact. Can you point me toward the appropriate updated API call for this purpose?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Craig,


That would really depend on what you are looking to do. Most of our single contact management resources can be found at Managing Contacts, and you can see our full documentation and available API functionality at http://developer.constantcontact.com/doc/reference. You can also use our PHP Wrapper Library which can likely save you a lot of time in moving over to our REST API.


If you have any specific questions regarding any of our API functionality, please let me know and I'll be happy to help. Thanks.

David J

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