Software to Verify Email Address


Software to Verify Email Address

Hi (I'm new at this)


Anyone know a program where an email address can be tested outside of CC?  I mean, we have a list of clients that is old but I don't want to send an email to verify with using Constant Contact because of the bounces we are most likely to have.  If we can winnow out the bad addresses, this list could be very useful as we could market to this group for repeat business, whereas contacting current subscribers do not need to purchase.


This situation is similar to my purchase of a printer from Amazon and then I am barraged with emails for printers even though I am not likely to buy another.  This happened with my car, too.


Thanks in advance,




Hi Rick,


We're not aware of any service or company that would legitimately do that.  Because email sending reputation is going to be a concern with any company that sends out a large volume of emails, few if any companies will let you 'clean' your list through them.  If you're concerned about how your email will perform (open rate, spam complaints, etc), I would recommend speaking with someone from our support or compliance team about best practices.  They may recommend  segmenting your list by age (last time they contacted you/were contacted by you), how you got their email address, or by testing a small group to see performance.  Thank you for being proactive and concerned about your list!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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