Sound effects for email


Sound effects for email

Can you add sound to the mass email?  We are having an "early bird labor day sale" and wanted to put a picture of a flying bird, but with sound.  I couldn't find a way to add sound, other than you can have a greeting.  Any ideas?


Unfortunately, there is no way to add sound to play automatically in an email.  This requires using web technologies that are simply not supported by email clients (or at least the vast majority of them).  The only option would be to put a link to a website landing page where you have all of the sounds and animations and other advanced website features set up to work and have the email drive them to click to your landing page.  This is usually a best practice since your landing page will like also have links to purchase things or other information and ways to get your customers to interact with your website. 


Sorry for the limitations!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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