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The file produced for a specific campaign contains the following:







In the Campaign Events file I get URL's that allow me to fetch the specific activities for all of these apart from <SpamReports>.  Should I get a URL for this or is it a development that has fallen behind in the API?

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The API is functioning as intended by not providing a URL for the Spam Reports as they are kept anonymous for the contact's sake.



Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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That is very strange as I would have thought a spam report by a user is the strongest unsubscribe we could possible get and that we should surely stop emailing them if they think what we are sending them is spam.  This way, we keep on irritating the poor souls but at least they remain anonymous.  We do get these from other email providers such as Adestra so it could not be a legal requirement to protect their identity.

Could you reconsider your aproach so we can know who marked us as spam and stop emailing them?


We do move all spam reports to your Do Not Mail list to prevent them from being mailed to again in Constant Contact.  Our choice to mask the identity of people who report spam is actually a courtesy to the people reporting spam.  You can, however, keep your Do Not Mail list synced and you will honor all Spam reports as well as your standard Unsubscribe requests.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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