Subscriber.CustomText1 - Length and containing HTML ?

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Subscriber.CustomText1 - Length and containing HTML ?

Hi, Im new to constant contact, 


I need to send personalized emails from a list..  In the body of the email, I need to list a set of Images/Links that's unique to the user.


Can I embed a HTML String into a Subscriber.CustomText1 field ?,  


Also, what's the max length of this


Lastly, it will have special characters like qotes for the links, etc..




You can use this method, though it is fairly limited by the fact that our custom fields only support 50 characters.  I will have our Tier 2 support staff, who has a demo for using dynamic links, reach out to you directly to help with this question. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Great, thank you

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