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Subscriber names not passing through


Subscriber names not passing through

Hi - I'd linked my big commerce newsletter sign up with Contact Contact but names are not showing up on the constant contact list assigned. Can someone help?





Hello Joanna,


Can you tell me a little more about how your have your signup form setup?  Is it a complete custom form?  Does it use one of our Wrapper Libraries, or perhaps our signup form generator?  If I can get a little more information I may be able to give you some more specific advice on where to look, but basically it sounds as though the list is not correctly specified either in your form or in the script that processes your form data to make the API request to create the contact in your account.


Feel free to reply here with more information about how your form is set up, if checking how your lists are specified in your form and application/scripts doesn't reveal the source of the problem.



Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

Hi - I actually set it up via the Big Commerce control panel. I'm including a screenshot for reference. Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 1.06.54 PM.png

Hi Joanna,


I see now.  I didn't recognize right away that you were using a third-party integration.  As we do not have access to the inner workings of the third-party integrations, we cannot offer direct support for their use.  I would suggest you contact Big Commerce for assistance with setting up your account to correctly sync.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
Occasional Participant

I'm dealing with this right now too. My first general setting to send any purchaser to a specific list is working just fine but when I try to have a purchaser buying a specific product to a different contact list it will not work. I contact Big Commerce and they tell me to contact Constant Contact. So, I contact Constant Contact and I see they are telling me to talk to Big Commerce.


Frustrating run around. Guess this will be a manual process of exporting orders and importing them into Constant Contact for us.

Hi Aubrey,


Sorry for the runaround.  The BigCommerce integration with Constant Contact is developed and maintained by BigCommerce, who we are partnered with and work very closely with.  If you can send an email to our support staff with your account information (webservices@constantcontact.com), we can forward it to BigCommerce so they can assist.  I'm not sure that the integration they developed has the ability to do what you're looking for, but we will definitely get this to the right people there. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
Occasional Participant

Thank you. I just emailed that address this morning so I'm hoping they can help!!! Upon test after test it appears only my "NEW" customers are going into the correct list and not my "EXISITING" customers who purchas the product. I've made Big Comm aware of that as well.

Hi Aubrey,


I just emailed you back, but from the sounds of it, the Big Commerce integration may not have a way to update existing subscribers in addition to adding new ones.  They can certainly add code to change this if that's the case, but it would be up to them.  They would need to:


1.  Do a check (in their code) to see if the email address is already in the account.

2.  Add a new subscriber if they aren't already in the account.

3.  Update the existing subscriber if they are in the account.


If they reach out to us to make the change, I'd be more than happy to give them a code sample that shows how to do the above.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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