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Suggestions from any experienced developers

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Suggestions from any experienced developers



I have a web application which encourages users to sign up to one or more lists. Each list is based on a location, for example: London. A user can sign up to multiple locations however I would prefer not send them multiple emails.


Therefore the logic in my application would look something like:


1. Get a list of users

2. For each user, get their preferred locations

3. Construct Email based on relevant offers in their locations

4. Send email


This would result in sending individual emails to each user - which begs the question, why do we even need Constant Contact at all.


Obviously this isn't really using Constant Contact for what its been designed, so does anyone have any experiences like this, maybe could give me some pointers?


The alternative is simply to send an email to eveyone register in the "London" list, and another to everyone registered in the "Manchester" list - and if someone has chosen to register to both, they get two emails and thats that.


All in all it feels like fitting a square peg in a round hole at the moment, so any advise is appreciated.



Hey Vicky,


I may be misunderstanding you but it sounds like you want to segment your lists into prime categories.  This is something we suggest doing outside of constantcontact before you import your contacts.  However if a user selects multiple lists to subscribe to or locations rather it sounds like they want these other emails.  If the emails are very similar then you may want to send one email and have it display a custom field to push the data dynamically for each user.  This would allow you to do your bulk sending with giving each user unique data.  The other solution is to make lists for each prime location and remove duplicates and so one email to one list.  This would also work but inside of constant contact we do not have that integrated into our contacts collection.  It is definitely a good feature request we can submit on your behalf.


Please let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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Hi Ryan,




" If the emails are very similar then you may want to send one email and have it display a custom field to push the data dynamically for each user. "


sounds interesting.


Could you point me in the direction of more information about it?


kind regards


Hey Vicky,


This works by uploading your list with a custom field noted to each email address.  You can do CustomText1, CustomText2, CustomText3 etc... Each allow 50 characters which limits you.  But you can override them after each email is sent.  You need to use a our wizard or XHTML. Here is a recent post about how to do it in XHTML.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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