Support for Abandoned Carts


Support for Abandoned Carts

Looking for a way to email our customers when they abandon their carts.  Has anyone done this with CC and is it built into the platform.  I cannot find anything about this.  Thanks!


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact. To best answer your question I would just need to clarify a few details about your situation.

Are you looking to send a kind of generic email to these customers or would these emails be more transactional?

Are you using any kind of built-in integration of Constant Contact with shopping cart software?

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


David B.
API Support Specialist

We have a custom built application.  Whether transactional or bulk, it doesn't matter although with transactional we could tailor the email to the user.  Just looking for any options for this as we haven't found anything built in to CC.



Thank you for clarifying. Something like this would need to be developed custom and is not something that Constant Contact offers with our product directly, but this might be possible for you.

You can send emails individually with Constant Contact. If you are okay with a more generic message, that would probably be best.

One option you have would be to use an Autoresponder campaign which sends an email automatically to contacts on a schedule based on when they are added to the list. So in theory you can use our API to submit your abandoned cart customers to the list attached to your Autoresponder. For details on how to submit contacts to your account using our API see our full documentation located at

For details on how to set up an Autoresponder campaign see:

It's worth noting that this really only works if you are planning on sending each contact the email once. If you intend to be able to send the same email to the same person multiple times, Constant Contact may not work for you.

Constant Contact is not the best option for sending unique transactional emails, or a transactional email to the same contact multiple times. Doing so is extremely complicated to set up within Constant Contact and could create a lot of clutter within the account. While something like that could be possible, it would require complex custom development work to implement; requiring you to create custom HTML emails, new lists each time you send, and more.

David B.
API Support Specialist

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