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Tagging Contacts


Tagging Contacts

I have searched quite a bit and cannot seem to find this answer.


We would like to use the API to allow the website user to add contact tags to the new or existing contacts.  Ideally we would like to add/edt/remove the tags to the contacts and we would like to allow the user to create a new tag for the contact without having to enter the CTCT system.


Are there api calls available for this contact tagging feature?


There are several features available in the new contact management system (CMS) when using the product UI that are not yet available in the v2 API, including tags. Teams are actively planning the work that will be required to expose the new CMS features in the v2 API. Here's more information about compatiblity between the UI and API. We will use these forums, our developer newsletter, and the Tech Blog to discuss this topiconce development starts.


Here's a post by Dave Berard, Platform Product Manager, discussing current API and UI disparities.

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