The Requested URL returned: 400

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The Requested URL returned: 400

Not too sure what happened here. Everything was working fine.


here is the url


I'm using the php add_contact.php


Thank you


I just tried your form and it gave me a success message.  Is there specific data that is causing a failure message?  We did have a temporary outage that could have resulted in those errors that is no longer going on.  Are you still seeing these errors?


If you're able to reproduce it with specific information, please send a private message to me with that information so we can trouble shoot.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Thank you for the follow up.


It seems to be working now, however my field for 


"job_title" is not being entered into the db.


here is the url again



I tested our PHP sample forms package, which I recognize as the source of the add_contact.php script your form is based on, which relies on the cc_class.php library to carry out the API request to create your contact. I confirmed that it is currently not adding the job title field.  I apologize for any issues this may cause you. I'll see if I can identify a simple fix and if so will post information on it here, and possibly update the PHP Sample Forms available for download. The cc_class.php library is aging, and in an effort to standardize the PHP code samples we offer, we are currently working to rebuild the PHP Sample forms to integrate the current version of our wrapper and eventually OAuth 2 authentication.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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Thank you. I need that functionality, and was puzzled.




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The issue has happened again:

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This issue has happened again:


The requested URL returned error: 400


at this url


thank you


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I'm also getting this now.


exception 'Exception' with message 'You are missing your list' in /home/content/20/9336820/html/register/edit_contact.php:58 Stack trace: #0 {main}


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