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The contact list 'XXXX' does not exist.

Occasional Visitor

The contact list 'XXXX' does not exist.

I Download constant contact api & test.but i couldn't test sample application also becouse it's getting error.

I am trying to communicat api from application.


"json.field.lists.value.invalid:The contact list 'XXXX' does not exist. "


contact = new CTCT.Components.Contacts.Contact();

//add lists [Required]
contact.Lists.Add(new ContactList() { Id = "1" });

//add email_addresses [Required]
var emailAddress = new EmailAddress()
Status = Status.Active,
ConfirmStatus = ConfirmStatus.NoConfirmationRequired,
EmailAddr = "XXXX"


//Add Personal & Address Details





 var contact = contactService.AddContact(_contact, false);



can you tell anyone what is the error.sample coding also this error comming..

CTCT Employee

Re: The contact list 'XXXX' does not exist.

Hi Raju,


I responded to your email about this, but in case anyone here is following along, this error means that the list ID you're specifying while adding a contact, 1, doesn't exist in the account. You can make a GET call to to see the lists and list ID's in the account. You will most likely see lists with ID's that are 10 digits long.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer