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The requested URL returned error: 400


The requested URL returned error: 400



Following is my xml being generated for create contact (ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER) API call (v1)

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<entry xmlns="">
	<title type="text">test</title>
	<summary type="text">Contact</summary>
	<content type="application/vnd.ctct+xml">
	<Contact xmlns="">	
<FirstName>Mary</FirstName> <LastName>Fuhrmann</LastName>
<ContactList id="" /> </ContactLists> </Contact> </content> </entry>

 The curl is returning following error

"erorr: The requested URL returned error: 400"


I have gone through the forum, and forum and error_code documentation, and from that I undertand that this is related with xml malformed. But I can't figure out what's wrong with my xml. Could antone please help me?


Honored Contributor

Re: The requested URL returned error: 400



After reviewing this XML, I find that it is most likely that the problem here is specifically that you are attempting to add contacts to a list that no longer exists. In this XML the contact is specifically being added to a list with the ID of 28, which is failing. In order to view the list IDs for all of the lists currently in your account, you can make a GET API request to


If you have any questions or any issues with updating the list ID, please let us know!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer