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Trackable Custom Hyperlink


Trackable Custom Hyperlink


I'm able to create trackable links in an email and I'm able to create custom hyperlinks by putting the entire anchor tag HTML in a custom field, but I'm trying to figure out how to send custom links to contacts that are trackable.   For example, I need to send abc.com?id=1 to one contact and abc.com?id=2 to another contact and abc.com?id=4 to another contact (which I'm able to do), but how to I make those links trackable?




While we do currently allow for dynamic links to be sent to each recipient, we do not currently allow for those dynamic links to be used with our link tracking system. One potential way that you could retain the ability to track these links would be to to implement tracking of clickthrough on the reciving site (abc.com in your example). This could be done with something propritary or using a system like Google analytics where you can attach extra information as URL parameters.


If there is anything that I can clarify on this, please let me know!



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