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Tracking Summary


   I am using the Java wrapper, when I execute the Email Campaign request:[RETRACTED]

 I get my two Campaigns that i have loaded in Constant Contact back, however the data returned is incorrect.  Speciffially i am looking at the TrackingSummary.  When i pull out the TrackingSummary and just print it to screen with .toString() i get the following:


TrackingSummary [sends=0, opens=0, clicks=0, forwards=0, unsubscribes=0, bounces=0]


 However this data is not correct, when i log into the Constant Contact Web UI and check out the reporting section I can see the actual results (not all 0's).  Is there something I am missing or doing incorrectly?


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I was able to get get around this by explicitly retreving a TrackingSummary for each campaign.  I would rather not need to make a call for each campaign, but it is working now.





I wanted to follow-up on this to let you know that you are getting that data as blank because the wrapper create a blank object for each item returned and then fills out the data that it receives. From our documentation here, you can see that the campaigns endpoint only returns the following info when fetching a list:


  1. "id":"1100395494220",
  2. "name":"1357157252225",
  3. "status":"SENT",
  4. "modified_date":"2013-01-07T18:51:35.975Z"


Because of this, the solution is exactly what you did by collecting each campaign. If you're looking to reduce the time needed to accomplish this, you can avoid selecting information on DRAFT status campaigns by skipping those within your java program.



Elijah G.

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Elijah G.
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Just to follow up on Elijah's comments here.  We are hoping to add to the summary information on email campaigns soon.  We know it would be far more convenient to get all of the overall analytics on a campaign in the summary report. 


Unfortunately, to do so now would require us to do a very large number of additional database calls that would slow down the API call to taking a very long time as well as put undo stress on our systems.  We are looking at ways to change that architecture going forward and greatly improve performance as well as provide more information.  Will update more in our blog and release notes when we get more to share!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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