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Tracking contact actions


Tracking contact actions

We have a need to track engagement of contacts with our physical facility. This could be handled as responses to an email campaign but no emails are sent. Is there a way to create a phantom email campaign and then gather responses - 

  Very precisely the user enters our facility and scans a QR code. assuming we have access to the user's email (say a cookie on the phone)  we can respond to the phantom campaign marking the interaction - what is needed to do this.

BTW I am using the Java API which has very few examples


Hi @KristenZ69,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support. 

The ability to send an "phantom" email is not something that is available in Constant Contact. Any method of tracking when someone goes to your store with Constant Contact would generate an email or something that would notify your customer. 

This is a bit outside of our realm of expertise, but I would think using Google Analytics would be your best option. When the customer scans the QR code then it would direct them to a website (visible in an app or I think this could be behind the scenes) and identify the user based on a cookie or something else on the phone. 

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