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Trying to pass variables from Flash AS2 file to PHP to Constant Contact

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Trying to pass variables from Flash AS2 file to PHP to Constant Contact

I'm new to CC so yea, I'm an admitted NooB. Here's my dilemma. Got a small form that simply asks for email addresses and nothing else. I downloaded the API examples and I'm wondering is cc_class.php is the right form to connect my variables to. I added the API Key, Login, Password and the lists I want it to submit to. Is that the right PHP script I should use? And should I delete all the code for fields I'm not using?



You can definetly use cc_class.php to do this, but it may be even easier to use the Constant Contact Signup Form Generator. The Signup Form Generator will automatically create a custom form for you to put on your site, and the PHP will be done in the backend.

To do this in the sample code, you would need to first call the createContactXML function and pass it an array with the minimum required fields. These are email address and list. Once you have the XML, you then need to use the addSubscriber function and pass it the XML, and that would add the contact.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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