Turkish char letters

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Turkish char letters

Hi we need to send the data with your api in turkish chars. I know you mentioned that your database just support iso-8859-1 but when I created data on your site with form I can add turkish chars to firstname and lastname like (Tarık) , but when I try to use the api - the letters shown like this (Tar k).. Here you can see I can not add (ı) letter from your api.. But from your site I can add this char.. I need to add this special chars from the api too ..


I am using web form based api with php ....




You should be able to use any characters supported by ISO-8859-1 encoding through our API. For characters that are not supported,  you may be able to get them to work by HTML encoding the entitiy instead. For an example Turkish character 'ğ', you could use this in the first name field by encoding it as follows:



This would then be shown as 'ğ' for the Firstname of that particular contact.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

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Hi I am using this function for Turkish Chars as you have mentioned ... But sometimes firstname or surname it looks like "ç;" instead of "ç" or other stuff...  "Ü;" "Ü" ....


$text = trim($text);

$search = array('Ü','Ş','Ğ','Ç','İ','Ö','ü','ş','ğ','ç','ı','ö');

$replace = array('Ü','Ş','Ğ','Ç','İ','Ö','ü','ş','ğ','ç','ı','ö');

$new_text = str_replace($search,$replace,$text);

return $new_text;

I added an image but the program not display it .... ??? pandoradepo.com/example.JPG

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