Twitter Facebook and social profiles management with ConstantContact API

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Twitter Facebook and social profiles management with ConstantContact API

Hi About seven months ago, I asked if it was possible to set values for the social profiles properties (twitter, facebook, etc.) of a contact through the ConstantContact API, as it is already the case when using the ConstanctContact admin area.


At the present time (tell me if I am wrong), it seems that is still not possible to do so.

However someone from your team wrote here :

"The good news is that this should be coming fairly soon :)"


Can you confirm or not if it is possible to manage the social profiles values using your API? Thank you.




While we are finalizing the migration of users to our new Contact Management experience there still remain some parts of a contact's information that are hidden from the API. However, we have begun the process of working on the systems in the back-end that communicate between the new contact management system and our external facing APIs. As these updates progress, we will be making available more information that is exclusive to the new contact management experience.


While this feature is planned to be available in the future, at this time I unfortunately do not have a specific time frame for when it will be available.


If you do have any follow-up questions, please let me know!



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