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Just to update this thread, we found that there were issues on the Constant Contact side importing fields that contained double quotes.  If you replace double quotes (") with single quotes (') in your csv files when importing, the fields will come in correctly and the links should still work as intended.


Also, just to clarify a point made earlier, to "bypass" the label your column screen when importing to Constant Contact, you must label fields exactly according to the field name in Constant Contact (e.g. the first name column should be labeled "First Name", the email address column must be labeled "Email Address" with the correct case and no additional spaces, etc).  


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What if custom field 2 was a street address? Then the html code would end up being as follows:

<a href="http://www.yourdomain222.com/link.html?street=1 Main St">Click Here</a>


 This is problematic as the person clicking on Click here will get redirected to 



Feature request: Please offer an encoded version of the merge tag so that in this case the html code would end up being:

<a href="http://www.yourdomain222.com/link.html?street=1%20Main%20St">Click Here</a>


or replace the spaces with a plus sign so that the html code ends up being


 <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/link.html?street=1+Main+St">Click Here</a>

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Re: This is something our



Thank you for your feedback on this! Since this is a feature request for the system that sends our emails, the best way to get your voice heard is to leave your feedback in our Email specific feedback section here: https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Email-Ideas-and-Suggestions/idb-p/emfeedback


This way other people can also vote on this to help us prioritize the features that are needed the most.


In terms of a short-term solution to this, the best option would be to store the custom fields that you wish to use in links pre-encoded. From the API perspective we intentionally do not perform and transformations on the custom fields to allow integrations and users full control over the contents and how they wish to use it.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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