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UTC time,


i have problem with UTC time format that use in constant contact, i just add a email list using API v2 (with PHP) and here is my response

          'created_date' => string '2014-12-12T18:37:55.000Z'
          'modified_date' => string '2014-12-12T13:37:55.000-05:00'

what is this difference for?


beacuse this is not happend in adding contacts


          'created_date' => string '2014-12-12T19:57:35.000Z'
          'modified_date' => string '2014-12-12T19:57:35.000Z'


so when i want to create some method to sync data with constant contact this is make some problem!




I have been investigating this today and this is definitely an issue in our code. All times should be returned as UTC and this has been submitted for a fix. Due to the holidays and limited development time, I would expect that this issue is unlikely to be resolved before the end of the year.


If there is any more information that I can provide for you, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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thanks for your reply , i m waiting for your change.

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