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Unable to customize form.


Unable to customize form.

Hello all,

I am a developer currently working on a site for a client of ours ( this is her CC account i'm posting from)  that needs to integrate a Constant Contact opt-in form on there site.

this is the design I am trying to implement:

Now i am unable to use the CCSFG due to server configuration problems:

I've tried uploading in binary and no luck this is due to the server running windows and the host not willing to turn of the php error warnings nor giving me the option to do so via php.ini or htacess.

So I'm obliged to use the in house contact form generation services you offer either form stack or you own form generation software but I am  running into a few issues, first in your own form generation service i'm unable to specify the form to contain anything other than the default name field, and the form stack service calls a php=js  so I am  unable to customize the design.
Any help from the forum here would be much apriciated, I just don't know where to turn next...... maybe I need to be looking into calling the api directly? 

but there must be an easier way!
kind regards


Hi Chris,


Sorry it looks like you're running into obstacles everywhere you turn.  Your assessment of needing to turn off error warnings in the CCSFG, the in-house signup only taking email addresses, and the formstack styling being non-customizable are correct. 


Using the API is the only way you'll be able to fully customize your signup box.  Here is a link to an example that allows you to implement OAuth2 (authenticate to us) and create a form to a.... The index.php file contains the code to add contacts.  I hope that helps--otherwise it sounds like you may want to stick with the formstack option and accept their styling (at least it's fairly neutral).


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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