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Unable to retrieve email list related to Caimpaings

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Unable to retrieve email list related to Caimpaings




I have retrieved the Caimpaings, now I am trying to get retrieve the email list related to it


eg: /ws/customers/<customerid>/lists/33


Could anyone guide me how can i retrieve this list related to particular caimpaings using PHP.


Thanks & Regards,

Osama Ahmed Momin


You can pull the members of that particular list in two options:


1. Real time - in a paginated collection of 50 contacts per request, you can get the members by using the endpoint /ws/customers/{username}/lists/{list_id}/members:

2. Asyncronously - in a batch job which is processed asyncronously, you can pull a CSV of the list members and any additional information you may want using our bulk activities collection:


Both of these options are included in the PHP Wrapper Library on our Github page:  Hope this helps!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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