Unique Contact Detail Fields per List?


Unique Contact Detail Fields per List?

I currently have 2 lists and I am using the Constant Contact API and two custom PHP forms on my website for collecting user data specific to the type of list they are signing up for. Each form is connected to a specific contact list and collects completely different information from each other besides the email address and name of the user. Some of these fields are associated with CC custom fields for collecting additional information that is not available in the standard CC contact list field set.


It appears that Constant Contact's contact detail fields are global and not specific to each list. My problem is that if a user signs up for one of my lists, and then decides to also sign up for the other available list afterwards using the same email address, then the user's contact details are overwritten for that user with whatever data was given last. I would have expected that each list would have it's own set of fields specific to the selected list. No matter which list I view, the contact data for a user that is signed up for both lists is the same. Even though only one of my lists needs to use custom fields for instance, the list that doesn't use them will still have values in those fields if the user filled them out in my other form. This makes it hard to differentiate between the two lists and what details are associated with one list and not the other.


Is this true or is there a way to have the contact details be independent of one another for each list?


Hey Josh,


That is a great question but you are correct as each contact has a subscriber ID which all of their information is linked to.  This being said if you use custom field 1 for both then whichever information is entered last, overrides the previous entry.  The only thing I can think of is to use alternative fields that are not being used in your account.  You do get 15 custom fields to use. 

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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