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Update an old subscribe form to new lists?


Update an old subscribe form to new lists?

My client has an existing contact form that we would like to continue using if possible. I have been told by the support team that it is possible, and have followed the API/token steps provided to get the list ID. I have not, however, had any success yet in using this with the existing implementation.


If I put the list id at NNNNN below, the form submits, but the address never shows up on the list. I suspect I also need to update the CA value, but no such value is given in the API/token process. I have tried several GUIDs that seemed they may be connected to the list, but all produce errors.


Can somebody confirm if this form is still viable, and if so where can I find the correct GUID that would go along with the list id generated from API/token in the var 'ca'?




  var url = 'https://visitor2.constantcontact.com/api/signup?';
  var list = 'NNNNN';
  var email, first_name, last_name, company, params;
  $(document).on('click', '#ccBtnClick button', function(e){
    email = $('#newsEmail').val();
    first_name = $('#newsfirst_name').val();
    last_name = $('#newslast_name').val();
    company = $('#newscompany').val();
    params = { ca:ca, list: list, email:email, first_name:first_name, last_name:last_name, company:company};
    var succThanks = $('.FRCA').length ? "Merci de vous être inscrit" : "Thank you for signing up";
    var succMsg = $('.FRCA').length ? "Nous sommes impatients de vous tenir au courant de nos progrès dans l'année à venir." : "We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress in the year ahead.";

    var urlParamed = url + jQuery.param(params);
    var jqxhr = $.post(urlParamed, function(data) {                         
        console.log( "success" );
      }).done(function() {
        console.log( "second success" );
      }).fail(function(data) {
        var response =   JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(data));
        console.log('response ' + JSON.stringify(response.responseText));
        var r2 = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(response.responseText));
        console.log('r2success ' + r2.success);
        console.log('r2 ' +  r2);
        console.log( "err + " + data.status);
        $('#sErrText').text('There was an error with the form.  Please enter a valid email');

Hi @PaulR6719,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


That form is our old embed form and is no longer available within the Constant Contact account. If you still have the ca value from when you first got the embed form then it is still viable and you just need to switch out the listID for whatever list you want to use.


Because this form is not available anymore you would not be able to adapt it for a new account however because you cannot get a ca value for a the new account.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

As explained, I have already swapped out the list id, with the existing ca number that we still have. Although this appears to submit successfully, the contact entered does not show on that list or anywhere in the contacts of the account. So if you are telling me that it should work, what am I missing? Does this mean that the client has totally switched over to a new account? How can I tell this detail?

Hi @PaulR6719,


Thank you for your reply. I will like to look into this further for you. Could you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the client information and also a reference to this post? Thank you!

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Hi @PaulR6719,


If the customer created a new account there would be no way for you to know that if you are just working with the back end code unless they told you. The ca value would stay the same if the account is the same. If the contacts are not going in to the list then I would have to assume that the account is also new. I would check with your customer to see if they did indeed create a new account.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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