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Updating user Lists transparently w/ XML


Updating user Lists transparently w/ XML

Currently, to unsubscribe a user from my list I use:


xml.send.....  "http://ccprod.roving.com/roving/wdk/API_UnsubscribeSiteVisitor.jsp?loginName=trentwsmithAIN&loginPas..." & session("email")


However, this puts them on the Do Not Mail list forever... I just want this command to remove them... Then, if they try to signup again in the future they can w/ no problem.


Really, all i want to do is switch the list the user is a part of... Remove them from all lists they are currently a member of and put them into another group transparently....




xml.send .... sRemoteURL = "http://ccprod.roving.com/roving/wdk/API_AddSiteVisitor.jsp?loginName=mylogin&loginPassword=mypasswor..." & session("email") & "&ic=SubscribersNEW"

( I want the above command to put them in 'SubscribersNEW' but Remove them from all other grous they are apart of.






Hello Trent,


It appears your integration is using an older API (Our SiteVisitor API). This API has only limited capability to either add contacts or unsubscribe (move to do-not-mail status).  Please note that this API will be discontinued, around the time of the next upgrade to our API.  The current version of our API will live a bit longer, and allows the functionality you're looking for, but it will require some programming on your side to make it happen.  Essentially, to remove a contact from all lists using our current API, you would update the contacts details, but leave the contacts list attribute (list you wish the contact to be on) empty.  This will replace current lists/interest associated with the contact with nothing, and place the contact in "Removed" status.  


The best approach to doing this, is to run a GET request for the contact's details, remove the Contact List elements from the Contact object, and the resubmit the details in an update (PUT) request. 


Our upcomong upgrades may make this process a bit easier.


I hope you find this information helpful moving forward.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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