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Use Constant Contact API w/ One Client


Use Constant Contact API w/ One Client

I'm currently working to build an AJAX sign up form for a client's website, and it looks as though anything I do must be published as an app.  


Essentially all I want to do is leverage the API to push contacts to a list as they sign up, and not leave the site in order to do so for a specific client.  Is there a way to do this without publishing it as an application?  




Hello Shirley,



While we have had a few people now who have thought the same as you, any applications that you create an API key for and use the Constant Contact API are not publicly published unless you do so yourself or specifically request to have your application added to our marketplace. The process of simply creating and using an API key will publicize any information about your integration and will remain private unless you desire to create and publish a multi-user integration.


As I mentioned, we have had a few people approach us regarding the language during the process of creating an API key for use with their integrations and we are looking into updating that language to be clearer.


If you do have any more questions, please reply to this post!



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