Use the API with Campaign Templates

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Use the API with Campaign Templates

It is my understanding that the API does not support campaign templates.

I thought of the following workaround: Using the web interface, I have created a template using the Brand Templates feature.  I sent a test email to myself, and then using Outlook, got the source code.  Can I use that source code to send an html email through Constant Contact, or is that against the terms of service?  Is there a better way to do this?

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Re: Use the API with Campaign Templates

Hi @MeirH0,


The API cannot edit a campaign template; however it schedule/send, and view reporting for those campaigns. If you are going through the steps to create the campaign in the UI what is the use case to then try to get the HTML and put it back in our system? Once I understand the use case I may be able to offer a better solution.

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