Using API to send out email with survey link


Using API to send out email with survey link

Is there still a limitation that any emails sent out with links to surveys have the results are anonymous? I have a requirement to automate the senidng of emails after each project is complete and have the customers fill  out the survey. We need to track the project number and the client.




Due to this function currently only being possible with email campaigns built using our templated emails through our UI, this limitation is unfortunately still present for emails created through the API with links to surveys. 


Would your situation allow for you to have multiple surveys prepared ahead of time so that you could segment the data? If so, you could work around this somewhat by storing a survey ID as a custom field on that contacts that are being mailed. In this case you would only need the survey ID, which can be found by looking at any survey link. They are all in the following format:

If you could reasonably separate the categories of responses into unique surveys, you could merge the survey ID into a custom code email to provide some level of segmenting survey responses automatically. this method allows segmentation without publicly exposing the data used to segment the surveys.


Hopefully this information is helpful to you! If you have any questions, please let me know!



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