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Using CCSFG to update existing subscribers to new list


Using CCSFG to update existing subscribers to new list



We are currently using the CCSFG as an alternative way to have people sign up for our newsletter in lieu of using the Sign Up Form Generator. We have created a new email list for a campaign we are doing and want to have our old subscribers be able to include this new list in the ones they are subscribed to (and let people who forgot they already signed up be able to do subscribe to the new list without problem)


Our form is fine when adding a new member -- they are added to our database and directed to the right landing page.


However, when we try to test add somebody who is already a member, they are directed to the failure_url as if they had entered in incorrect form data (which we prevent with javascript form validation). Is there a good work around to this? We want existing members to be able to easily update their information and avoid putting them through too many loops just to get them subscribed to our new lists.


I can use HTML and understand the premise of php (though I have little experience with php I am comfortable with using programing languages/troubleshooting).


From researching php is it possible to GET the submitted form data from the failed CCSFG entry redirect them to the update profile page using their email address? An idea was to place a hidden generated Sign Up Form on the failure_url landing page and post the email address data from the CCSFG form and submit the new request for them them, thus making it seem as if they had entered in their email on their own in the Sign Up box and CC realizes that they had already joined and directs them to the update profile page, but I don't doubt there is a much simpler and easier fix.


Again the goal is to create as few gateways as possible.


Thanks in advance.






The main reason that we do not have the CCSFG update contacts is for security purposes.  With an update version of the program, hypothetically anyone that knows another contacts email address can use the CCSFG to change information for that contact.


However, we do understand that some customers understand this risk and still want the functionality of the updating CCSFG.  If you are still interested in this, please send me an email here, and I will respond with a version of CCSFG that updates.



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