Using Constant Contact for Multiple Brands


Using Constant Contact for Multiple Brands

We plan to use CC to service a couple of brands, via forms on our own pages and the APIs.


We are looking to supress the welcome message as that can not be brand specific so when adding contacts we will have to use the ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER setting.


What impact will this have if anything - will we lose anything by not using the ACTION_BY_CONTACT setting?


What if we need to send a contact a link for them to resubscribe themselves - will that trigger the welcome email?


Is anyone else using one account to email more than one brand? Any other issues / tips & tricks we should be aware of?




Hey Dennis,


Using ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER will supress the welcome email, but you did see the main drawback of using that. If a user opts out and needs to place themselves back on a list, they would need to use an ACTION_BY_CONTACT form. This wouldn't send them a welcome email, but a confirmation of interests email. You can edit this email through your account.

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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