Using ConstantContactBO,ConstantContactUtility through Javascript

Using ConstantContactBO,ConstantContactUtility through Javascript

Hi ,


Is it possible to use ConstantContactBO and ConstantContactUtility API's  through JavaScript with out refereeing the dlls.


I want to avoid the registering of these API's , as I am using these API's in sharpening 2010 web site.



These libraries are intended to be used on server side code or windows applications.  If you wanted to use them in JavaScript, you would need to create your own endpoints for these JavaScript calls on your server.  Since JavaScript can only load data from the same server the JavaScript is loaded from, otherwise you have cross site scripting errors, you'd need to host the data and endpoints it calls on the same server as your JavaScript. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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