Using own button, own form and/or create a "pending" feature ....


Using own button, own form and/or create a "pending" feature ....


I contacted customer service today.  Here is a summary which leads to 3 options:

    1. Can only have one button/form per account (thus, can’t have  both “Membership” button and “Join our Mailing List” button).  Is it possible to have this through an API?  If not, what has to be done to link our own button to the constant contact form?

    2. If we use our own form : , what has to be done in programming: html or php to link this to our account and into contacts?

    3. Users signing in on form go directly into contacts so there is no “pending” status.  Is it possible to allow the constant contact manager to accept or deny a sign up before going into the contacts?

    4. Thanks. 


Doug Hall


This type of "pending" feature is not an option we have available.  I will pass this on as a feature enhancement to our Product Management team.


Regarding this work flow though, you can set up your own management system to do this on your server.  This type of programming is beyond the scope of our API support, however it would not be overly hard to create a php script that allows you to approve people prior to sending their information to Constant Contact via an API call.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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