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Using the Custom Form Generator and Apostorphe in List Name


Using the Custom Form Generator and Apostorphe in List Name



I have sucessfully generated sign up forms using the CCSFG_0.0.6  but when I test the form I get the We're Sorry message.  Is this because the list name has an apostrophe in it?  


Thanks for any help in advance :) 




Based on the information you've given, I suspect that you're running into the issue where the CCSFG will now allow you to submit an email address that is already in your account. The esiest way to test this is to use an email address that you have not used before and see if it is successful. The reason for this behavior in the CCSFG is for security purposes, and you can read more about why it was done and an alternative version of the CCSFG here: http://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Developer-Support-ask-questions/CCFSG-Updating-Existing-Cont...


However, if the issue is not trying to re-subscribe an email address that is already signed up, please let me know and there is more that we can test. Thus far I have tested lists with an apostrophe in the name without issue.


Also, it is worth noting that we do reccommend working with our available wrapper libraries and sample codes for our V2 API over the CCSFG as the CCSFg uses our V1 API and has a limited shelf life moving forward(~1 year). Please let me knwo if you have any questions about this!



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