V3 API Wordpress Integration


V3 API Wordpress Integration

I am trying to integrate v3 API on my website I was able to get it working on my localhost

i have a custom php template in wordpress I am having a difficult time trying to figure out

1)how can I generate the code on the server as I want the code to be generated automatically without me clicking on the generated url

2)also generate auth token automatically 


Hi @user984091,


You do not have to generate an authentication code more than once. Once you get the Access/Refresh Token for the first time I suggest you store that so it can be accessed when you need it to make an API call. You can then use the Refresh Token as needed to generated a new Access/Refresh Token and replace those with your original set that you stored.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

I have had the same issue saving the refresh token such that it does not expire to solve this you need to make table in db save the token then  setup a cronjob for every hour to refresh the token use system cron instead of wordpress as it will be a little more relaible if you have diffculties you can follow this guide https://www.wpscreators.com/simple-wordpress-custom-constant-contact-api/ 

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