Welcome Email message does not work.


Welcome Email message does not work.

I've contacted Constant Contact Support multiple times about this issue,

created a ticket and have not received an answer for 2 weeks.


The welcome email is not working.  Users are added to the list however the email is not being sent out.


Support confirmed this issue.


We wrote to webservices@constantcontact.com and someone responded that they were not paid enough to help out.

Another CC employee wrote back and said they would look into it.  That was on December 13th and still no answer.


It used to work, but now it doesn't.


We were told to generate a new key which DOES NOT WORK.


the site is http://mosswellnes.com


I called again yesterday and spoke with a customer service rep who had no clue how to help.


We are using API V2.


How and when can we get help?




Sorry for the support interactions you've had so far.  Our phone support team is not trained to handle API support requests due to the technical complexities involved with them.  As for our webservices support team, I will definitely be looking into those interactions to find out how we can improve our service going forward. 


Regarding your question on welcome emails, they are only sent when a contact is created with the action_by query parameter set to ACTION_BY_VISITOR.  I have confirmed in our development environments and in my production account that this is working, I have received multiple welcome emails when creating Contacts through the API with the appropriate action_by.  If you are not providing this query parameter in your request, than the default behavior is ACTION_BY_OWNER, which would not send the welcome letter.


if you are correctly sending the request and have confirmed the action_by parameter is set correctly, can you please email the source code you're using for the integration to our api support team (or let me know if you already have and I'll see if I can find the ticket).  Also, feel free to PM me and I'll provide you with my personal contact information for you to send directly to me if you'd prefer. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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