Welcome email issue


Welcome email issue

Hi Support,


I need assistance regarding signup email.Here are the steps i am into:


  • I already have subscribers from my old site.
  • I have created a new site and want to send welcome mail to the old subscriber when they signup in the new website[wordpress].
  • I have created a new list and in sign up tool selected the particular list.
  • I have also made the particular list enabled in my wordpress plugin[Constant contact] but still i am not getting the welcome email for old subscriber.





In this case, the issue that you are experiencing is a limitation of how the Constant Contact system handles contacts. In the Constant Contact system for managing your subscribers, we will only send a welcome email when a new contact is added to the list. In the case of a contact that is already subscribed, we will instead send them a Change of Interest email notifying them of the changes made to their subscription.


The only work-around for this is to delete/remove the contacts from your Constant Contact account so that they would be re-added as new contacts. However, this is not an ideal solution as that contact would lose their subscription to any other lists as well as any tracking/reporting history.


If you do have any follow-up questions, please reply to this thread and I will be happy to help!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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