Welcome email issue


Welcome email issue



We use CC API to import contacts and create campaigns. During our website new features integration testing, I noticed that  we did not receive welcome emails.

When checking in CC, all new contacts have "contact" as optin source.

Is there a way to check welcome email delivery from CC or an obvious reason for that situation?


Thank you for your help,





Hello Michel,


I looked up your account. It appears as though in addition to the account welcome email, you also make use of the autoresponder system to send an additional welcome email to some who sign up. Is it the account welcome email or the autoresponder you are referring to? The autoresponder will only send to new contacts that are added to the lists assigned to the autoresponder, no matter what the OptinSource, while the welcome email should go out to all new contacts added to the account (that were not previously subscribed to any list in the account) if they subscribe using a signup form that correctly specified ACTION_BY_CONTACT as the OptinSource.


The Welcome Email and Autoresponder systems have been very reliable at sending emails, out from our servers under the above conditions, so check that those are met first, and then if you are not recieving the Welcome email from one or both systems at the time you expect, it's possible your email system may be blocking or filtering these emails. As these emails are account functions, rather than API functions, I recommend you contact Customer Support directly for some additional assistance in troubleshooting deliverability.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

Thank you for your reply Mark,


Most people I know have tested our welcome email. That's why we have dozens of new test emails on hand for our integration testing. But I found a colleague in Argentina who signed up as a test.

Bottom line : he received the welcome email.


Our ISP seems to be filtering your emails. By filtering, I mean they don't even reach the spam folder.

Oddly enough, emails generated by our website (not through CC) get delivered into the inbox.


It would be great if CC would insert the welcome email in the contact history but I know you are busy with the social stuff...


Thank you for digging into our account. I was not aware our AutoResponder was on.


Have a great evening,



Behind the scenes, we're usually working on a variety of updates to a variety of our products, and we use customer suggestions to help guide priorities on that. I'll submit that as a feature request on your behalf, and thank you for taking the time to follow up and offer it up.  I hope you contacted Customer Support.  It's not always easy, but we do have a deliverability department that may be able to offer some guidance on how to convince your ISP's to help you out on this.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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