What are differences between the public and partner APIs?


What are differences between the public and partner APIs?

Hi all,

Where can I find a list of end points for each? I saw the public api docs but then saw some notes around "partner access" but could not find information around what API features are considered public vs. partner access only.


I'm assessing the use of the Constant Contact API vs. Mailchimp API.







At present our partners have access to one additional set of APIs, and that is our account management API. This allows a partner to manage accounts that are considered to be "managed" by the partner. You can find the details of these APIs documented under "Toolkit Account Management" in our public API docs.


If you have any questions about these APIs, please let us know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Thanks Elijah - so these partner API's are just for that ToolKit mobile app and are not related to the constant contact list and campaign management?


On a related note, are there any limitations in the public API around creating contact lists?



Hi Nael,


The partner endpoints allow our partners to create and manage ToolKit accounts. ToolKit is the next generation of the Constant Contact digital marketing solution, you can learn more here. There is a Toolkit mobile app, but that is not related to the Partner API endpoints about which you've enquired.


There is a limit of 1000 contact lists per Constant Contact account, full details here



Rich Marcucella
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