What is the list ID of the "Do not mail list"

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What is the list ID of the "Do not mail list"

We would like to use the API to pull back the names on the "Do Not Mail" list so we can continuously update our records.   Does anyone know the list  ID so that we can do this?








The list id is "do-not-mail" so you can do a get to ../lists/do-not-mail and it should return what you need.


Let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
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Hi Ryan,


The list seems to come back empty when we do the above.  We know that there are definitely names on the list.  Is there somewhere we can send the code and response we get.




If you need to send us personal information or code, please use the webservices@constantcontact.com email address.  Someone will look at your code and get back to you soon.


One thing to remember, in order to get the members of a list, you need to do a GET on the members collection. The URI for that collection is this format:



Dave Berard
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