When does updated_date get updated for Events?

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When does updated_date get updated for Events?

We're monitoring the updated_date field on event records in CC to determine whether we need to update records in our internal database with values from the CC event.  We've noticed that the updated_date value is not updated when the event status is changed (old or new UI).  Also, it doesn't appear that saving event settings in the old UI changes the updated_date field unless at least one of the setting values is modified (but the new UI does cause the updated_date field to change when clicking Finish button even if no settings are changed).


Shouldn't changing the event status or re-saving the event record always cause the updated_date field value to be reset?  If not, which user actions can we rely on for updating the updated_date field?

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We are still trying to resolve how we can reliably know when an event's updated_date gets modified.  Can you provide some guidance?



My apologies for not getting you a response previously on this! I ended up having to do a bit of digging on this and it looks like any changes to the event itself will trigger an update to this field. Some examples would be:

  • Event Status change (Draft to Published)
  • Event Details change (In the UI, this covers everything under Event basics and Event Settings) [EDIT: In the new UI for EventSpot, saving the Basics or Settings pages without making any changes will still write these fields, triggering the updated_date to change]
  • Event Theme

However, there are some things that do not update the event directly and exist as a separate object linked to the event, such as registrants or the registration form. These items will not change the update_date field if they are changed, since they are considered a separate object from a data perspective.


Hopefully this gives some clarity on how that updates. If you need additional info, please let me know!



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