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Where to find .N3T 3.5 Wrapper?


Where to find .N3T 3.5 Wrapper?

Where can I find the .NET 3.5 wrapper dll? The GitHub only has .net 4.0 which doesn't work on .net 3.5.


Hi Clint,


At this time we unfortunately do not have a .NET wrapper for 3.5 that cna be used with our V2 API. However, you can find some information about how others were able to adjust the SDK so that it could be built using .NET 3.5 here: https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Getting-Started-with-API-s/The-type-or-namespace-name-Json-...


Additionally, there was also some follow-up discussion in this thread about how to make the wrapper compatible with .NET 3.5:



If you have questions after reviewing these, feel free to ask here and we will be happy to provide knowledge where we can!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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