Work Around for wanting to send out multiple autoresponder emails to two different lists on the same day

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Work Around for wanting to send out multiple autoresponder emails to two different lists on the same day

As best I can see from the research here and testing you can only have one autoresponder per LIST per DAY.  What is the work around?  We all have prospects that become customers and sometimes on the same day and need to send out different information to them on the day they become a prospect then the day the become a customer (2 different list) and need to communicate different messages/email campaings to them.  Suggestions for workaround?  Thanks.



Currently the way our autoresponder works is that you can only have one set of autoresponders in your account. If you have a 1 day autoresponder, it will go out to all customers on the autoresponder lists. There is no way to have one set of autoresponder emails going out to one list, and another set to another list. The only work around for this is to have separate accounts, which would allow for separate autoresponders.

I definitely apologize for this, and I can submit an email to our engineers that you feel that the autoresponder should be expanded to allow multiple sets of emails.


Benjamin Soder
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Can API get around this issue (i.e sending certain message to certain lists)? This is what I was told by customer service today.



Hi Nir,


First off, I am very sorry for the confusion caused by customer service.  Our API has the same functionality as the UI--we don't have any features available only for the API.  As with logging in and setting up autoresponders, you cannot have different autoresponder streams, as Ben axplained above.  


Autoresponders will all go to the same set of lists that you set up (you cannot have one autoresponder go to one list and another autoresponder go to another list).  You can have your autoresponders all go to multiple lists, however.


The only way to have separate autoresponder streams is to have more than one Constant Contact account.  Sorry again for the limitation--I know this is a common request, and I will add you to the list of customers requesting this ability.


Thank you for contacting Constant Contact, and have a wonderful day!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist


Bump Bump!


would REALLY like to have MULTIPLE autoresponders!


MadMimi lets you have multiple autoresponders each going to a different list.  They call their's drip campaigns.  I was going to switch because I thought Constant Contact had more functionality but clearly not.  I will be staying with MadMimi.

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