XML form for the fields

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XML form for the fields


I have following fields in my form. What should be an XML look like for creating a contact.


Email Address
Parent or Guardian's First Name
Parent or Guardian's Last Name
Phone Number
Street Address
Zip Code
Child's Legal First Name
Child's Legal Middle Name
Child's Legal Last Name
Child's Nickname
Child's Birth Date
Mail Method
Language Preference
Email Format
Medical Record Number


Can anyone help me? or please give any link which tells about formation of xml for different needs. Thanks!!


Hey there,


The required XML for creation of a contact can be found here, and for the additional information, you'll want to look at our full list of XML fields, located at the bottom of the page under the title "Contact Data Format". An example of what the XML of these fields would look like is also on this page, under the header "Response Format".


For the fields like "Child's Legal First Name" and "Medical Record Number", you'll need to incorporate the use of Custom Fields. Note that the names of these fields will not change in your XML requests.


It's also important to note that fields like "Email Format" require specific answers (in this case, only HTML or Text will be valid), so it's a good idea to test the functionality of these fields.


Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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Thank you for the response!! I will look at them and let you know if need any help.

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