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XPath Strings


XPath Strings

For your enjoyment, here are some XPath expressions i've been using in Java. 



String findCampaignsExprStr = "//Campaign";
String nextPageExprStr = "//feed/link[@rel='next']";
String bounceExprString = "//BounceEvent";
String clickEventStr = "//ClickEvent";


String campaignStatusExprStr = String.format("//Campaign[@id='%s']/Status",campaignId);

String campaignDateExprStr = String.format("//Campaign[@id='%s']/Date",campaignId);


String bounceEventEmailExprStr = String.format("//BounceEvent[@id='%s']/Contact/EmailAddress",bounceId);
String bounceEventEventTimeExprStr = String.format("//BounceEvent[@id='%s']/EventTime",bounceId);
String bounceEventCodeExprStr = String.format("//BounceEvent[@id='%s']/Code",bounceId);


String clickEventContactEmailExprStr = String.format("//ClickEvent[@id='%s']/Contact/EmailAddress",clickId);
String clickEventTimeExprStr = String.format("//ClickEvent[@id='%s']/EventTime",clickId);
String clickEventCampaignExprStr = String.format("//ClickEvent[@id='%s']/Campaign",clickId);


String clickableUrlExprStr = "//Urls/Url";
String urlValueExprStr = String.format("//Url[@id='%s']/Value",urlId);




Thank you!  I am currently testing to see if I can reproduce the bounce time issue.  I will reply back to that thread with what I find!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Thanks, the bounce date is the last thing keeping me from finishing up my current build, so any help is appreciated.

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