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Trying to use addBulkContactsMultipart (this exact code worked a couple of months ago) and I'm getting a strange response:

  • {"id":"09598c10-33dd-11e4-94bd-d4ae529a7b12","type":"ADD_CONTACTS","error_count":0,"contact_count":7}


Which suggests that there was no error (none is thrown), and that 7 contacts were added.  Odd, as there were only 3 contacts in the test file, and the resulting list has zero contacts.


Calling format is standard: ctct.addBulkContactsMultipart(fileName, file, listIds);  java 6.


Has something changed?  I can't find information on this method call anywhere anymore?








I am not directly aware of anything that ahs changed which would suddenly cause a change in behavior. As far as the contacts not appearing and errors not being numbered, that is definitely unusual, as it should count when a contact is not added to a given list. Is it possible for you to email us at with the file that was uploaded and the account that the file was uploaded to?


This will allow us to dig a bit deeper on this and find some answers.


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