api keys w/bigcommerce not working


api keys w/bigcommerce not working

I finally was able to get apikeys set for a customer account.  I have configured their bigcommerce product and added the key.  It says successful.

then I attempt to configure it; meaning choosing the email list to add a newsletter signup.   It does not find the constantcontact contact list. (there is one and it has one test email already populating.).  big commerce says the error shows to be coming from CC.  


Is there something in cc that has to be configured to let it know that I would be using an api key?






I am not familiar with any issues or special configuration that would cause BigCommerce to be unable to get lists from a specified Constant Contact account. If you are still having trouble, I would suggest following the guide provided by BigCommerce for setting up this integration, including the API key that they provide for use: https://support.bigcommerce.com/questions/1518/Integrating+Constant+Contact+with+BigCommerce


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