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campaign dynmic link in email campaign from activities

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campaign dynmic link in email campaign from activities

Hi guys,

Currently I'm facing a dilemma creating a dynamic link in an email campaign.  Here I'm describing the scenario what I want to achieve.

Custom solution will have a way to send an email campaign to mass contacts which holds dynamic links to contacts' profile page which get generated from custom application. The newly created dynamic link will grab custom profile record(which will be a link to a contact id) from uploaded contact list(through activity).

Please let me know how can I acheive this scenario thru Constant Contact.



I believe I understand what you are looking to do and if so, it is entirely possible in our system.

You appear to be trying to create an email with dynamic links, and then have those dynamic links generated by an outside custom application.

The best way to do this is to use the activities API to add contacts with dynamic link in their custom fields. I can show you best how to do this by actually doing a demo in your account. If you could send your account username to the Webservices Support team and I will put the demo there.

Once you have the dynamic links in each of the contacts that you are sending to, you can create the email by using the campaign API. You also can schedule the email, but that does require extra permission that you would need to email the AppConnect team for.

If you have any questions about this please let me know.


Benjamin Soder
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